Leading UX research for a desktop application at EA

Since 2020, I have been working at Electronic Arts (EA), leading UX research for the EA app on Windows. The EA app is a desktop application, currently in beta, that video game players can use to discover and manage games or connect with their friends on PC.

A lot of my work focuses on understanding player needs and motivations using generative research. The main goal of this type of studies is to make sure that we are solving the right problems and identifying unmet user needs.

Working as an embedded researcher in the app design team, I lead studies that might look at questions like “how do players find new games?” or “how do they communicate with their friends?”. We also regularly do evaluative research, running usability tests to make sure that design solutions meet players’ expectations.

The EA app on Windows
The EA app on Windows

Another important part of my job is growing the team’s UXR practice. I regularly invest time on initiatives that can help scale research efforts across the product and design team, such as building a central repository of insights or creating guides and templates for common UXR methods.

I can’t cover any specific studies here, but if you want to learn more about my work, feel free to get in touch